Gardens and Tours

Lavender, roses, honeysuckle scent the garden in a delightful potpourri. Colorful annuals and perennials are displayed amongst huge rocks, skillfully blended with the natural environment to produce a truly remarkable garden. 

Coupled with the numerous ponds and waterfalls, I'm sure Monet would have had a feast. Some call it a Fairyland; I call it hard work! The garden has been enjoyed by so many, and each time they return they find more gardens have been added with striking results.

There are many high powered, high speed thrills to be had in this tourist resort, but for those seeking a restful and delightful experience Da'Vella's stunning gardens are not to be missed.

The Gardens are open by from November through April, visitors welcome. 

Garden tours for groups can be arranged by contacting Da'Vella using the form below. 

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